Pool Deck Cleaning For Residential Homes

There are two ways to clean your pool deck. Watch now to learn which one will make your home's pool area stand out more.

Finally the weather is warmer! You can pack away your bulky sweaters for the season and bust out your swimsuit, and if you’re lucky, you can lounge by the pool in the privacy of your own backyard!

You’ve worked countless hours to make sure the water is crystal clear. But what about the pool deck? In such a moist environment, black algae is an unsightly but common issue. And most pool decks are concrete, which can be subject to staining.

Power washing is an easy solution that will keep your pool deck looking like the relaxation destination it is! Wondering what that'll look like on your property? Watch our paver cleaning video (above) to get a feel for what your newly washed pool deck could look like once we take the surface cleaner to it!

How Much Does Pool Deck Cleaning Cost?

It depends on the area, of course.

We discuss how to find power washing costs in your area on our house washing page.

We’ll clean your pool deck for a special discounted rate as an add-on to some of our bigger services, like house washing or deck cleaning. If you’re already having us out there to clean your home, let’s bring it to the next level and get your pool deck ready for barbecue season!

To get a custom price for your pool deck you can schedule your estimate today by clicking the button above.

Can't I Just Power Wash My Pool's Deck Myself?

Short answer: absolutely!

As with most things, you can take matters into your own hands.

But surfaces like concrete can actually be easily damaged if they’re not power washed following the best practices. Though this is rare, it does happen more often than most homeowners would like to admit. 

And potential damage to your pool area aside, many of the results you can achieve yourself with a standard pressure washer won't end up looking as crisp as you'd like. Reason being, it simply takes forever to do it the right way. If you watch the video at the top of this page, then you're likely to agree. 

That’s why hiring a pro to wash the concrete surrounding your pool is a safe and effective choice. We'll come in and get the job done right, so you never have to suffer any of the headaches associated with deep concrete cleaning. 

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Having your pool deck pressure washed is a great way to remove pesky black algae and give your home's back yard a beautiful new look.