Fence Cleaning For Residential Homes

Deck cleaning after

The white picket fence is one and the same with the dream of owning a home.

But years of being exposed to the crazy weather in New England can make yours looking like it’s seen better days.

If your fence is looking a little rough around the edges, not to worry!

Power washing your fence will give your whole yard and home a fresh new look.

It’s a small detail that will make a big impact.

How Much Does Fence Cleaning Cost?

It depends on the area, of course. We discuss how to find power washing costs in your area on our house washing page.

We’ll clean your fence for a special discounted rate as an add-on to some of our bigger services, like house washing or deck cleaning. If you’re already having us out, you may as well get the full experience, right?!

Why have a beautifully cleaned house with an algae-covered fence wrapping around it?

To get a custom price for your fence you can schedule your estimate today in two easy steps.

Can't I Just Power Wash My Own Fence?

Short answer: of course you can!

But why don’t you let us sweat in the hot sun while you relax?

Not to mention, using the wrong tools and wrong pressure can actually chip the paint on your fence, or even damage the fence itself, leading to more work in the long run.

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