Residential Power Washing Services

Jarred C.Merrimac, MA Homeowner

NOW Power Wash was very professional and did a great job. I recommend them if you need power washing services.

Carole GNewburyport, MA Homeowner

I used Now PowerWash to clean up my decks and walkways. They showed up on time, were very nice, and left the place in great shape. I found them because they did my neighbors across the street and did a great job there.

Hiring a company to power wash your house isn't the easiest decision...

For a job that seems so simple, there's lots of risk that comes with choosing the wrong power washing service.

Your siding, deck, or fence could all be ruined if pressure washing best practices are not followed. You don't need to hire Now Powerwash to clean your home's exterior, but make sure whoever you hire knows to expertly wash each part of your home, and isn't just someone with a power washing machine looking to make a few extra bucks.

Why? Because all residential power washing services are not created equal! There's a drastic difference between the techniques used in deck cleaning to those used in cleaning a roof. Below is a small sample of residential services we'll be able to help you with:

What services does Now Powerwash give New England homeowners?

Exterior House Washing

Nothing boosts the look and feel of your property more than power washing the siding and exterior portions of your home. Think of it as an 'extreme home makeover' and a tiny fraction of the cost. 

Keeping your siding clean also protects your home from harmful bacteria that can eat away wood or vinyl.

Deck Cleaning

Whether you're power washing your home's deck in order to prep for re-staining, or just looking to give it a new look for summer, we've got you covered!

Deck cleaning is the most popular add-on to our full-home washing service mentioned above. Make sure you ask us to include deck washing in the price-locked estimate we leave with you.

Deck cleaning before
Deck cleaning after

Patio & Walkway Cleaning

Boot marks. Shoe scuffs... 

Just a few dirty realities of New England winters that can make your walk ways look less than appealing to visitors. We'll wash your brick patio pavers like new in one afternoon when you have us out for a home cleaning.

Walk way cleaning - Before picture
front walk way after power wash

Fence Cleaning

Making the white picket fence white again since 2010!

Fences are often neglected when it comes to yearly upkeep, so if yours has seen better days don't worry! Once it's free of dirt and grime, your fence won't be the only thing that feels new.

Your entire back yard while have an added little sparkle!

Fence Washing Before
Fence Washing After

Roof Cleaning

Cleaning your home's roof is NOT a project to be taken lightly because failing to use soft wash on asphalt shingles (what most roofs are made of here in New England) can damage the structural integrity of the shingle.

Each style of roof should be cleaned differently. To learn more about cleaning different styles of roofs, click here.

Gutter Washing

Gutter washing often invokes images of a ladder and pulling leaves out of your gutters, but this is not the service we provide. When we clean the siding of your home, ask us to include the gutters and we'll make their off-white color return to the original sparkling white!

Pool Deck Cleaning

You spend countless hours making sure your pool's water is crystal clear, so why feel embarrassed that the area surrounding it (your pool deck) is less than stellar? 

Black algae and concrete staining can ruin the appearance of your family's pool area, but it doesn't have to be that way... You can be proud of your concrete, and keep the BBQ's running all season long without the embarrassment of a dirty, stained pool deck.

Lawn Furniture Washing

When we suggest washing a homeowner's lawn furniture, many homeowners look at us shocked because they didn't know it was even possible... But it is, and we include it with many power washing projects regardless of season. Whether it's spring, summer or fall, the furniture on your patio may be begging for a face life. 
Lawn furniture cleaning is a great bang-for-your-buck add-on to many projects, but especially for homes with pools and lots of furniture that gets wet and dirty over the course of many seasons.

Service Area For Residential Power Washing

What Home Surfaces Can Be Power Washed?

Now Powerwash, A Massachusetts & New Hampshire Power Washing Company

Over the last 6 years, Now Powerwash has helped Massachusetts and New Hampshire homeowners complete hundreds of residential power washing projects. 

One of the most common questions we receive while giving estimates is what can be power washed...

Can I power wash my siding? Will the pressure strip any paint? What about my new brick patio? Will it chip the bricks? fade the color? 

All great questions! To make everything easier for you, here are the surfaces on and around your home that can be power washed: