Power Washing in Seabrook, NH

Seabrook, NH is located just south of Hampton Beach

If you're looking for reliable, local power washing services in Seabrook, then we've got you covered.

Seabrook is one of the only beach towns in New Hampshire, just north of Salisbury, MA. The town is a “hidden gem” of a beach town that offers a break from the busy tourist town of Hampton Beach, which borders Seabrook in the north.

Whether you're in the market for commercial washing services for your Seabrook business or residential washing services for your home, you can count on NOW Powerwash to keep your curb appeal just that- appealing- without breaking the bank!

From the border of Hampton to the Massachusetts border in the south, all the way to the shores of the Atlantic Ocean in the east, we've been washing homes, decks, patios, businesses, in Seabrook since 2010!