Power Washing in Amesbury, MA

Amesbury, MA is located 50 minutes North of Boston.

If you're looking for reliable, local power washing services in Amesbury, then we've got you covered.

Amesbury is the most Northern town on the North Shore of Massachsetts, sitting on the border of New Hampshire, with only Salisbury sitting between it and the beach!

Whether you're in the market for commercial washing services for your Newburyport business or residential washing services for your home, you can count on NOW Powerwash to keep your curb appeal just that- appealing- without breaking the bank!

From the Batchelder Park area on the North side of town, to the neighborhoods in front of Amesbury Country Club we've been washing homes, decks, patios, businesses, in Amesbury since 2010.

Select Amesbury Power Washing Reviews for 2016

Below is a small selection of reviews from recent home washing projects we've completed in Amesbury during Spring 2016. If you'd like a free estimate for power washing for your home or business, call us directly or simply schedule an estimate online today.

Nicole QAmesbury, MA 

I was having my house painted and it needed to be cleaned prior to painting. Not only were we having our house painted, but we were placing a new deck as well. NOW Power Wash came out in a timely fashion but because of our deck work, they needed to come back a different day and they made it easy and accommodated to our schedule.

Once they were done - I honestly didn't realize how much cleaner our house looked (we've lived there 7 years and never had it washed). All mildew was gone and the house resembled it's original color, lol. They did such a nice job that I actually referred them to my parents house. My folks live in Danvers and they were very accommodating to them as well. They came out within a few days time and cleaned my parents vinyl house, their vinyl fence and cleaned up their cement patio.

My parents had a lot more mildew and moss along their fence and house. NOW Power Wash were able to clean it all up and made their 10 year old fence look brand new and their cement patio looks so much cleaner. My only regret is that I didn't take before and after pictures! It looks pretty damn good for its competitive price. Not only were they professional and performed a nice job, but one of the professionals, Cory, even offered to bring my mother's groceries in for her. Great company, professional service, and we were more than pleased!

They were up front with their pricing and what was expected with their services. I would recommend them to anyone.