Commercial Power Washing Services

Nothing give your business a leg up on your competition like crisp, clean presentation. Your company's sign, walkways, and building exterior are the first few things potential customers see before walking through your doors.

But will hiring a commerical power washing service really give you a solid bang for you buck? Or is it all just aesthetics?

Supermarker Power Washing at Shaws and Star Market

Now Powerwash is the trusted provider of power washing services for select Star Market and Shaw's supermarket locations in the Boston area.

Now Powerwash gives Massachusetts and New Hampshire businesses power washing makeovers. Whether big or small, we work with you to craft the perfect plan for getting the exterior of your business cleaned...

If you need us to come late at night, no worries. Do you need us to speak with your board of directors over the phone to explain the job? Not a problem either! Below is a small sample of the commercial services we're experienced with. Your project is unique, so if you'd like to speak to someone over the phone, feel free to give us a call directly: 281-330-8004.

What Commercial Washing Services Do We Provide?

Building Exterior Cleaning

Before customers or prospects walk into your store front or retail location, they subconsciously notice the cleanliness of what they're walking by.

And if the siding on your business has considerable lichen, algae, or dirt build-up, then you're in an unnecessary uphill battle before they even walk in the door. 

Getting your building's exterior cleaned twice per year is enough to keep everything looking clean for most businesses.

At the very least however, Massachusetts and New Hampshire businesses should be power washing their building's exterior every Spring. The dirty snow, slush, and grime that build's up during a New England winter makes this a no-brainer.

Roof Cleaning for Businesses

Roof cleaning can be a painstaking task for businesses, whether a mom and pop shop or a large corporation like Shaw's or Star Market.

Our experience washing commercially helps us navigate complex roof cleaning jobs that include multiple roof styles (such as a steep-pitched roof with multiple dormers that connects with a handful of flat roofs).

Business Walkways

Hitting the reset button by power washing your business walkways can make a world of difference with how your property is perceived.

Attention to detail goes a long way for customers, so if they notice that you're keeping up with the "little things" like keeping your walkways clean, they'll be more likely to trust your business.

Parking Lots

Similar to washing your walk way, parking lot pressure washing is an investment many business owners forget exists until they notice it themselves.

Though it's a bigger investment than other commercial services due to the larger project scope, it can have a tremendous effect on the look and feel of your property,

Commercial Fences

Washing a residential fence is one thing because those projects are generally quite small, but commercial fences can be a whole different animal.

We have years of experience washing dirt and grime off the sprawling fences that line many condo associations and apartment complexes.

You'll rest easy knowing we'll be able to handle your property's fence too, regardless of size.

Business Signs

Especially if your businesses' sign lights up at night, hiring a pressure washing company to clean it can give your whole brand an unexpected new pop.

Commercial Awnings

From old to new! If you're like most business owners, the last thing on your mind is getting your awning washed.

But it's an often-overlooked project that can breathe new life into your store front, restaurant, or cafe with outdoor seating.

Restaurant Hood Vents

Massachusetts and New Hampshire laws require your restaurant's hood vents to be kept clean and free from grease and grime, which can cause fires if left unattended.

Since it is required by law to maintain this part of your kitchen, we offer packages that allow small businesses to wash their hood vents regularly without breaking the bank.

Gum Removal

Gum. Yuck. Impossible to remove, right? Not so fast! Now Powerwash's techniques allow for a gum removal success rate of almost 100%!

Commercial Power Washing Service Area

What Property Types Do We Clean?

Now Powerwash is an experienced, efficient power washing service equipped to handle most commercial property types.

Our efficient cleaning process allows for cleanings to be completed during your company's down time, instead of the alternative of getting in you and your customer's way for an entire day.

You no longer need to sacrifice cleanliness and customer experience!

If you don't see your property type on the list, no worries!

We service most commercial properties, so just give us a call to inquire further!

Apartment Complexes

Condo Associations

Retail Spaces and Storefronts

Restaurants and Coffee Shops

Strip Malls and Shopping Centers

Banks and Financial Institutions


Gas Stations

Schools and Town Properties

Hotels and Motels (and Holiday Inns)


Office Parks

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Business owners get a great return on investment with commercial power washing services like building washing, sign cleaning, and parking lot cleaning.