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Pressure Washing Brick Patio Pavers (Two Methods)

Pressure Washing Brick Patio Pavers; Which Method Works Best?

When it comes to cleaning flat surfaces that have seen years of dirt build-up, there’s no better way to do it than with a pressure washer. But as anyone who’s rented a pressure washer to clean their patio pavers or driveway can agree, you can’t just grab the machine, turn it on, spray down the surface, then call it a day. Doing so can take hours because it’s not the best method…

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Soft Wash vs. High Pressure Washing

Soft Wash vs. High Pressure Washing; Industry Best Practices Revealed!

One of the most important considerations for homeowners hiring power washing contractors to wash the exterior of their home is: what kind of washing service will I get? This seems straight-forward question… of course I’ll know what the power washer is going to do on my property’, most homeowners think. But the reality is, power washing the right way is more complex than many homeowners think. It’sĀ one of the bigger debates in the entire exterior cleaning industry!Continue reading