Nathan Owens; Founder of Now Powerwash

Nate Owens, the owner of NOW Power Wash, is not your average power washer. He’s a Registered Nurse, a High School wrestling coach, and the father to an eight year old daughter.

He’s also a decorated veteran with many awards. His service took him all around the United States, and as far as Germany and Afghanistan. But with all that globe-trotting, he didn’t forget his roots. He’s also a local guy – he grew up right in Salisbury, where he still lives today!

In 2009, he was honorably discharged from the military and needed a job. His cousin Dan owned a painting company and needed someone to power wash homes to get the homes ready.  He spent the summer using a hardware store power washer to clean six feet of house at a time.

Nate now calls this, “an archaic way of washing homes,” and took to the internet to find better ways to do the job.

Enter the soft washing technique, a gentle, time-saving alternative that prevents property damage.  

Armed with his new knowledge, Nate founded NOW Power Wash in 2010. His first customer was his cousin’s company. Call it a family favor, but his cousin Dan was so impressed that NOW has gone on to wash more than 150 homes for him.

Nate and his team, including his brother Cory, now service hundreds of residential homes. They also do commercial cleaning for big name clients like Shaws, Star Market and Price Rite, to name a few.

While he does all this, he saves lives in the E.R., raises a daughter, and coaches a High School wrestling team.

No big deal….