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4 Easy Steps for Getting Your Home Professionally Power Washed

On top of providing your family affordable power washing services, we promise to keep you in the loop every step of the way.

Start Your Estimate Online

Commercial or Residential? What would you like power washed? Which homestyle do you have?  We'll use this information to give you a price range over the phone or through email, which saves you a heap of time. You can start step #1 today by clicking here.

Choose A Convenient Time

Big sites like Homeadvisor & Thumbtack are great, but when you plug your email in, you receive 20 phone calls at once! With Now Powerwash, you can schedule your in-person estimate right through our website or over the phone. Choose any time that's convenient for your schedule. 

Get Your Price-Locked Quote

100% free of course, our power washing estimates are price-locked, meaning they won't go up for the rest of the season, regardless of what mother nature throws at the project or your home.  Grab the estimate now, then simply call us back whenever you want to make your exterior look new again!

Enjoy Flexible Washing Availability

Do you want to be home while we power wash your house? Done. Wanna be away? That's fine, too! We're flexible, and keep our availability for pressure washing open 7 days per week. Mornings, evenings, weekdays, and weekends. It's whatever's best for you!

Ginny ENewburyport, MA Homeowner

My granite patio received a great cleaning from NOW Powerwash. 

I highly recommend them.

Don't Let Pressure Washing Ruin Your Home!

Pressure washing a house can ruin it. Have you heard the horror stores from friends or family?

You know, like the one where your neighbor starts pressure washing their house one Saturday morning... then around Noon realizes that all the pressure has chipped away at the siding?

Why does this happen? Is it possible to prevent damage to your house from pressure washing? The answer is YES!

The Soft Wash Method Protects Your Home From Power Washing Damage

Many power washing companies use high-pressure home washing tactics because it's easier and cheaper for them to do so...

This can lead to destruction, as you know, which is why all reputable power washing companies now exclusively use the soft wash technique on residential properties.

But that's not the only way soft wash protects your home...

We use the soft wash technique on the homes of our friends, family, and customers because it's also less harmful, eco-friendly solution.

We'd never put their investment at risk, and we won't put yours at risk either.

For your convenience, we support payment with all major credit cards, cash, check, or money order.

An Alternative to Painting or Re-Roofing Your Home

Year over year, thousands of homeowners waste millions of dollars needlessly painting their home, when in reality they could have saved time and money by simply hiring a local power washing company...

And the same holds true with roof replacement. Especially in New England, many roofs are replaced before they need to be just because they look unsightly. So can you decide?

Should I clean my roof or replace it?

Without seeing your roof in person, it's difficult to determine whether a roof cleaning or full-on replacement is best. If you're concerned though, we recommend you get a few opinions to help make your decision.  A rule of thumb that most certified roofers and roofing contractors in Boston agree on is that if the roof is less than 20 years old and there's only light algae growth, you'll likely be safe having a power washing company clean the roof.

Should I get my house power washed or hire a painting company?

This decision is much easier than deciding whether to clean your roof or replace it because siding cleaning is much more of a aesthetic job. It has less to do with the structural integrity of the home than roofing. For this reason, power washing your house can have drastic effects on the look and feel of your home. 

In fact, neighbors of happy Now Powerwash customers have reported tricking their neighbors into thinking they painted their whole house. In reality, all they did was hire Now Powerwash to clean their siding. We can be very sneaky if you need us to be, so if you want to trick your neighbors too, we'll be sure to complete the job when they're not home. It'll be our little secret. They'll never know...